house of leaves

I’ve just started reading House of Leaves – I like it so far. I’m definitely drawn in by the storytelling, and I’m tempted to try to track down all the references in the footnotes, though I’m guessing it would be a waste of time since I’ve pretty much already been told by the book that it’s all made up. Maybe. I enjoy this kind of storytelling, though I don’t have the type of mind that creates it.

For now, the one thing that’s driving me nuts is that every time the word house appears, it’s blue. I’m sure there’s a reason, and I’m sure I’ll find out, but right now every time I see it I’m like WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????? So I’m excited to see what that ends up being all about.

Plus, you know, a house with a door to nowhere that ends up going to a mysterious hallway where people disappear – what’s not to love?

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