snow days and movie adventures

So here in Connecticut, we had quite the snowstorm Friday night. I’m lucky to live in a condo where I don’t have to do any shoveling, but it took the grounds guys all day to get everything plowed, shoveled and snowblowered (is that a word?) out.  In the meantime, Matthew and I made a couple of forays out into the crotch-deep snow, both of us with our tiny pomeranian jumping through our wake. Super cute.

After morning adventures in the snow, we retreated inside. Matthew erased my old laptop to make it craigslist-ready, and I spent most of the day finishing up Firefly and rounding it out with Serenity. Glad I finally know what happens to Mal and the crew, even though I’m not happy about all of it.

After I finished Serenity, Matthew wanted to continue our adventures in watching the Godfather movies, so we popped in part 2. I enjoyed the first Godfather movie; it was slow-moving but the story was compelling enough that the slowness wasn’t a big deal, and I actually kind of savored it in this era of FAST FAST FAST movies that have lots of action and laughs but not as much character development and real steeping in getting to know who these people are and what drives them. Especially in the case of betrayal; these days things move so fast in movies that when someone double-crosses someone else, they’re pretty much tagged from the start as the kind of person who would do that, and you feel pretty good about it when they’re offed for being jerks. But one thing I like about the Godfather movie (the first one) is the time they spend on how important the family is, how they stick together no matter what else is going on, how family comes before everything and anything else, etc.

*spoiler alert in case you haven’t seen The Godfather II*

So that when someone close to the family or IN the family betrays, you may still have seen it coming (cough Fredo cough) but it still breaks your heart because you KNOW what family means to them. Well, some of them.

So anyway, second movie. I slept from the time Vito went to make an offer that the Big Jerk in town couldn’t refuse, to the time Michael and Kay were shouting at each other because Kay decided (after getting shot at through the winows in her own home) to abort the baby rather than bring another of Michael’s children into the dangerous world he insisted they all live in.

*end spoiler alert*

It was just…super boring. It was a lot of Michael being tortured and making decisions his father wouldn’t have made…I dunno. I guess the Corleones just died for me when Vito did. I have no interest in watching the third movie but I feel like I ought to just to say I did. I’ll probably sleep through that too, though.

What do you think?

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