I’ve joined the alliance

of letter writers.

THE MISSION (statement):

In this era of instantaneous communication, a handwritten letter is a rare and wondrous item. The Letter Writers Alliance is dedicated to preserving this art form; neither long lines, nor late deliveries, nor increasing postal rates will keep us from our mission.

As a member of the Letter Writers Alliance, you will carry on the glorious cultural tradition of letter writing. You will take advantage of every opportunity to send tangible correspondence. Prepare your pen and paper, moisten your tongue, and get ready to write more letters!

Can I just tell you how excited I am to start corresponding with real life pen-pals, people out there who I don’t know, living their own lives, walking their own paths, taking the time and care to put something down on paper and share it with a stranger?

Like dude. I get a membership badge and EVERYTHING. You can buy official LWA stationery, too…but I’m hoping that a penpal (or, you know, six, ten, whatever) will help me possibly begin to make a dent in the outrageous store of paper I have*. Seriously, if letter writing becomes a THING again and there’s a national paper shortage, I’m the girl you’d go to.

I’d be making BANK selling my paper off to paper-starved consumers. Hopefully it won’t come to that; I’m generally good at throwing stuff away, but paper and pens are the things I hoard like whoa.


*so I can buy more and not feel bad about it

One response to “I’ve joined the alliance”

  1. Crackerberries Avatar

    Where do I sign up? I thought I was the only person left on the planet keeping the USPS in business. My mail lady loves me, unless of course it’s pouring rain. But seriously, where is this LWA? I’ve never heard of it it. I’m going to look it up now…

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