The LWA membership bundle! MEMBERSHIP CARD!!!!


So, after DAYS of waiting (hehe) I finally got my Letter Writers Alliance membership envelope. I logged in to the website, and it turns out that I have to write them a letter requesting to be matched with pen pals. I’ll hear back in 3-4 weeks.

Part of me really thinks there’s a faster way to do this, like having an online “singles” board – desperately seeking pen pal, browse people with similar interests, browse by location, language, etc, click to set up an exchange! kind of thing. First contact online, subsequent through the post!

But I also like the idea of having to write a letter to be put in contact with other letter writers. I’m guessing this is how kids used to feel when they collected proofs of purchase and stuff to send in for a prize that they’d stalk the mailbox for. I’m both excited and a little weirded out by the idea that someone else will be choosing my pen pals for me, like a matchmaker; that it’ll be like a blind date. I hope my matches don’t suck. I hope they’re intelligent and well-written and readable and that they have fun stationery and that they are interesting and possess a good sense of humor.

I”m so picky. LOL.

I saw a website that matches you up with prison inmates as pen pals – part of me is totally fascinated by that, by what someone who’s killed someone in the heat of passion, or in the cold moment after months of calculation, whatever, would have to say in a letter to the outside. But mostly that’s way too scary, and besides, the website was uber-long blocks of paragraphs with TINY text and almost no spacing between lines…so I didn’t really read through much of it anyway before the colossal headache of trying to read that text on a screen made me click away.

If you want to check out the LWA for yourself, do it here!

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