GATEKEEPER, the premise reveal

And here, for those who’ve been wondering, is what GATEKEEPER is about.


In the island nation of Ilari, dreaming is religion. There are two castes of priests who serve the deity, called the Dreamer: the Zedir, who can interpret dreams, and the Gatekeepers, who can walk in them.

Two hundred years ago, all seven Gatekeepers were murdered in their beds right before Oleander, eldest son of the Ilarin governor, disappeared across the water along with a mysterious ruby the size of a man’s fist. Within six months, a crimson barrier went up over the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Arn. Under that barrier, the Nightmare Lord Maro is worshipped and feared, and dreams are valuable only as sacrifices.

The Zedir carry on as best they can without the Gatekeepers, and all is quiet until the senior priests start to feel a disturbance in their dreams. Things come to a head when Aislinn, a trainee at one of the Dreamer’s temples, finds herself walking in a dream that isn’t her own.

The Emperor, Oleander’s descendant, senses a new Gatekeeper’s power and sends a single man, Jerick, on an undercover mission to quell the threat before the demon dreamers of Ilari can pose a danger to his Empire.

When Jerick and Aislinn meet, they realize it’s not for the first time, and everything they think they know about the Dreamer, the Empire, and each other is about to change.


A ginormous thank you, once again, to my early readers. I hope an agent out there enjoys it as much as you all seemed to!

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