Different Spaces

Hello my friends. We have finally moved, and the madness has abated. A little. One of the first things I did was to set up my study and creative space, which my husband grumbled about but I used logic on him and told him that if my room is done, I can focus on the rest of the house. If it’s not, I will half-ass absolutely everything because I’ll be too busy thinking about creating my dream space to care about anything else.

And here she is!

study01 study02 study03 study05 study06 study07 study94

That’s a bonus picture of my dog helping me work. Have fun finding all the anime and game references; I think every picture has at least one. ^_^

And now that we’ve settled in here, I’m going to be moving…again. But this time, no heavy lifting is involved! I’ll be blogging in a new spot soon, and will let you know when it’s ready for you to swing by.

In the meantime, I’ve busted into the YouTube world and you can find my channel here. Or, for pretty constant updates, I’m also on instagram @thepapermagpie.


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