Nothing good can come from stealing a ring from an open casket.

Or can it?

That’s what I’ll set down the road today to find out. I have the next 2 days off from work and am planning to spend most of both digging in to a new story with a new protagonist.

This one has been stewing around in my head for over a year. I debated for a while whether I should write this first or write the sequel to SIREN: THE EXILE, but I decided that ultimately, I know my process, and I know that the SIREN sequel isn’t ready yet, whereas this one is screaming from the rooftops to be written.

I’m planning to start in at 500 words per day again, like I always have, but hopefully will be able to ramp that up to 1,000 per day within a month or so, once I fall back into the groove of daily writing. (I journal daily, but there’s never a word count goal to reach, so it’s much more relaxed!)

I’d like to blog this journey a little more closely than I’ve done for my other two books, because it seems like my writing process videos on YouTube have helped some folks to break out of their creative shells, and I think that words of inspiration and encouragement are great (and I’m honored to be the source for some!) but I also think it can help to see the actual journey, rather than just, if you will, the sales pitch.

As of today, I still have one or two things to figure out, so today will be outline mapping and making sure I’ve got my major players ready to start – even if they evolve over the course of writing the story (and they generally do), I need to know at least enough about them to make a beginning. My protagonist I’ve got a very good idea of. Her “mentor,” if he can be called that, likewise. The villain…well, the villain, as many of the best villains are, is still mostly in shadow.

It’s dangerous to go alone. So I hope you’ll come with me on this journey. ^_^

What do you think?

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