going viral

And not in the good way. I’ve been meaning to post more regularly, but this never-ending cold has pulled me away from normalcy. Everything seems faded, distant, like I’m looking – and reacting – through a cloud of carded wool. I keep having to remind myself that it’s OK to be sick, and that when you’re sick it’s OK to not be doing 100% of what you’d be doing if you weren’t sick. I have all this swirling guilt over not buckling down harder on writing BotBK, even though it’s not like my deadlines are anything but self-imposed.

I was up all night, unable to breathe because the cold, dry air felt like millions of tiny knives hurtling through my respiratory system, scouring my poor mucus membranes until every nose-blow came out as mostly blood.

squid girl sick
Squid Girl looks a lot like I did…all night long.

Humidifiers and naps (and maybe a trip to the craft and/or book store) are today’s self-prescribed therapy, and I’ll be back when things don’t feel so cloudy.

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