I don’t know what it is about this month, but in all the hubbub and bustle before the holidays, I just want to take it easy. I’m finding it tough to work on anything – word count on BotBK has been zero for three weeks, though that was partially due to having been sick. And I got a little work done on planning my oracle deck, but I haven’t started building the actual art yet.

Honestly, I’ve been feeling guilty about it for a few weeks, until I realized that it’s time to step back and refill the creative well with other pursuits. So I’ve been keeping busy with answering letters from pen pals, and this weekend we’re making our holiday cards and probably putting up our tree. And I’m not sure where the impulse came from, but I’ve been digging back into Old English translation, which has been both fun and eye-opening, discovering what I remembered and how much more I’ve forgotten over the years of not doing translations regularly. But it’s fun to make my brain do things it’s not accustomed to doing – that’s how you get new connections going, and connections are a big part of where stories come from!

So I’ve resolved to not feel guilty for the next two weeks as  I take it easy, letting my creativity build up again organically rather than forcing myself to be on constant output mode with no time for intake. In the new year, I’ll tackle BotBK and the oracle deck with fresh vigor.

What are you doing in the next few weeks?

2 responses to “lazy days of december”

  1. Mia Avatar

    Hi Leila,

    What’s up for the next few weeks? I was planning to be productive as heck but instead I found myseldning in bed with the flu. Well, laying here, sniffling and caughing, rereading Harry Potter and the order of the Fenix isn’t too bad. I’ve decided that I will survive 🙂

    I was just curious to your reference in your latest blogg about Old English translation. Translation of what and how? If you have the time, pls let me know 🙂

    Mia in Sweden

    1. Leila Avatar

      Hi Mia! I’m just taking a mental break over the next few weeks, so I can come back to my creative projects with a fresh perspective in the new year.

      Sorry to hear you have the flu, but reading is one of the best ways to pass the time and distract yourself from feeling icky!

      WhenI was in college I spent a year learning about Old English grammar and usage, and did translations of shorter texts as well as passages from Beowulf. I got to be very good at it, but haven’t done any translating for years, so I’m back on the short practice pieces, mostly riddles, excerpts, and short poems. I depend on a couple of dictionaries of OE to help me find the meanings, and I’m starting to remember which ending goes with which tense, which is crucial for understanding how words relate to one another.

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