one last book for 2015?

I’ll admit it – I’m struggling to get through MOONWISE before 2015 ends, because it’s not the kind of book I can read with distractions around. Anywhere. Which makes it difficult at this time of year. But I’m determined to finish it, because 50 books in 2015 just sounds so awesome.

If you’re in need of one last book to meet your 2015 reading goals – and especially if you need it to be a quick one, because with the holidays upon us, who’s got time, right? – why not try FOLD? It’s a pretty quick read, and if the holidays are stressing you out and you need a brief escape into another world, this might be just the book you’re looking for.

(And, of course, a good review tops any author’s Christmas wish list!)

Merry Yule/Christmas/Hogswatch/Festivus/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah-even-though-it’s-already-over/Saturnalia/whatever else you might celebrate. ^_^

What do you think?

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