That case of completion molasses…es I had a few weeks ago turned into a finished first draft quicker than I’d expected, and while I’d meant to take a break in between writing books, the next one was calling my name. As of last night, the sequel to FOLD (as yet untitled) is underway, and here’s the teaser:

Kumiko has learned the cost of her father’s desperate, life-saving plea to the kitsune, but the mystery has only begun to unravel. Why did the kitsune queen agree to save Kumiko’s life in the first place? What’s her plan now that the princess is among her people? How can Kumiko evade her new “family” long enough to start regaining Ayumu’s trust? And once she understands the full measure of the kitsune queen’s motives, will she be able to reclaim her life – and her soul?

Ready for a new adventure in Kumiko’s world? I know I am!

What do you think?

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