why thinking is a good idea, even when you’re excited

Argh. So.

Yesterday I made UNFOLD available for preorder through Amazon.com. EXCITING TIMES!!!!!  aAnd because it’s a sequel, I decided to list it and its predecessor, FOLD, as part of a series, which I chose to call Kitsune Tales.

A search for “kitsune tales” in Amazon showed no similar series titles before the fold. However, once the UNFOLD pre-order went live and the link popped up to “show other titles similar to this one,” what should pop up first but two books – not mine – in a two-book “Kitsune Tales” series.

Le sigh.

So I’ve got another series name, and I’ve updated FOLD, but because UNFOLD is in pre-order status and days away from live release, I’m not able to edit its series title to match.  0_o I didn’t know until I tried to make changes that you apparently can’t change pre-order items within 10 days of their live release…oops.

Le sigh again.

I probably should have just left FOLD until I could change both of them at once. But now I know. And I apologize if you’re looking up the books in Amazon and see two different series titles. That’s why.

x _ x

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