I saw a post about “why do all INTJ superiority posts have all the same stuff in them”? And it got me thinking. I consistently test as an INTJ, both in terms of the simpler tests and after going in detail through the function stacks. So I wanted to share some things that are true about me. Not as a bid for superiority. Because, you may be surprised to find, while I’m excellent at many things, my drive to achieve that excellence stems from a deep, desperate need to keep everyone from seeing how absolutely garbage I am at everything.

I don’t know if they’re quintessentially INTJ traits. But they’re truths about me and how I interact with/feel/think about the world, for what it’s worth.

  • I want perfection from myself, and at least a best effort at perfection from others.
  • I’m good at a lot of things. Other people tend to be impressed, and I love for people to be impressed with me. But I will never live up to my own expectations, and I’m constantly frustrated by how much I suck.
  • I have a lot of fear. Mostly of not being good enough.
  • I’m terrible at self-promotion, because to me, what I’m doing isn’t amazing. It’s just average. It’s just what you do. Isn’t it? Can’t anyone do it? (Apparently, this is frustrating for other people.)
  • I’m extremely emotional. I feel deeply. But you won’t see it until it’s spilling over into sobbing fits on the floor because I can’t tell if my boss is mad at me. The next day, though, I’ll ask him about it and everything will be fine. I’ll be terrified when I do it, but I’d rather know and be able to fix it than sit there too worried to focus.
  • Emotions aside, when it comes to solving problems in a setting like work, I don’t understand how people don’t see and implement the most logical solution from the start. Like obviously there’s one best way to do it. Why can’t you immediately see it? Here, let me build you a matrix.
  • I believe that people are fundamentally neither good nor evil. We are what we choose.
  • I just…know things sometimes. I pull things out of nowhere and have no idea why I know them. Partly it’s because I read a lot. Partly…it’s some kind of universe voodoo.
  • I’m organized AF. Lists? Yup. Spreadsheets? You know it. But I’m incredibly lazy for someone with so many goals.
  • I get furious when people are disrespectful, especially of others’ time.
  • I don’t know everything, and I’m not afraid to admit when I don’t know something, because it’s a chance to learn more so next time I will know. But if I do know something, I know the crap out of it. You’re welcome to try to argue as long as you’re comfortable with losing, because I’m right.
  • I hate social interactions. I hate crowds. I would much rather be by myself. I love individuals, but only for a limited amount of time.
  • I like being a bit odd. It makes people keep themselves at arm’s length. Less work for me.
  • I’m great at talking to people because I’ve learned to do it. But I avoid social situations because it often takes me days to recharge after being “on” for an extended period.
  • Small talk is grease in the wheels. It’s a way to make a good impression with no personal involvement. You’ll know I’m at least mildly interested in you if I ask you bizarre, thinky questions just to see what your brain does. You’ll know I care about you if I share my fears and insecurities and invite you to do the same.
  • I like to know how things work. Systems. People. I like the behind-the-scenes stuff.
  • I hate quick fixes. I want to get down to the root of a problem and fix that, so everything that stemmed from it will fix itself. Because why wouldn’t you do that? WHY
  • I’m creative, but I approach it in an organized way. I make up stories, but I like straight lines. I think logically through “okay, this happened, so what happens next? How does that affect other pieces?”
  • I like to help other people understand things. I’m good at breaking down complex stuff into simpler ideas.
  • I’m most comfortable puttering around with analogue tools for creativity. I’m always enamored with the duality of something physical, and therefore grounding, also being something that sets you free to create and explore.
  • I don’t obsess often, but when I do, it’s full-on.
  • I don’t understand how people spend so much time on hate. Like, I’m too busy with my own shit to worry about yours. Why do you care what anyone else is doing?
  • I love to perform, but I hate to advertise.

Are these specifically or uniquely INTJ traits? Probably not. I’m sure some non-INTJs have some of this stuff going on, too. But here’s a peek inside my head. Now you know.

2 responses to “Is It INTJ?”

  1. Stefania Giannetto Avatar

    I’m an INTJ and I honestly relate to what you said (a lot!)

  2. chaikristin Avatar

    This seems very INTJ to me! INTJs seem to be some of my favorite people because I feel like drawn to their traits haha.. It’s nice to know someone else is also into the personalities… I’m an ENFP, and I can really relate!

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