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  • Quarantine One-Shot #011 // Journey

    Quarantine One-Shot #011 // Journey

    “You will go on a journey,” the fortune-teller said. She turned over another card. “Two.” Hoo, echoed the owl on her shoulder. “Find a ship,” the woman said. “That will start your first journey.” “And the second?” the girl asked. “The second you’ll find in the eye of the storm.” The girl looked down at… Read more

  • Quarantine One-Shot #010 // Revels

    Quarantine One-Shot #010 // Revels

    The masked minstrel was putting away his lute when the request came. “Play the one about the boy from the castle!” someone called. “I don’t think I know that one,” the minstrel said, after a pause to think. “What? But it happened just here. I thought everyone knew that story.” “Why don’t you tell it… Read more

  • Quarantine One-Shot #9 // Yew and Bone to Call Him Home

    Quarantine One-Shot #9 // Yew and Bone to Call Him Home

    At the base of the tower was a door. At the base of the door was a question. No one knew what lay beyond it, nor even how to open it to find out. The question sat quietly, waiting, until the prince was born. They said he was mad, and hid him away. He laughed… Read more

  • Writing Dice–Done!

    Writing Dice–Done!

    Hooray! I’m really glad I used clear sticker paper–makes it look like the images are part of the dice (unless you photograph them with the light right behind them to pick up the cut edges, LOL). I think I’ll really enjoy using these! Read more

  • Quarantine One-Shot #008 // The Key

    Quarantine One-Shot #008 // The Key

    Lisnel ran through the forest, a huge book clutched tight to her chest. It was bound with straps and locked. She’d found it while going through a dusty chest in her father’s attic. She’d asked him for the key. He’d stared at her for a long time, then barked a laugh with no humor in… Read more

  • Writing Dice: Leila Edition

    Writing Dice: Leila Edition

    The writing dice on the market just aren’t good enough. I don’t mean that disparagingly. They’re a great starting-off point if you’re looking to play a storytelling game or you’re using them as prompts to start a writing exercise, but they’re jam-packed with things I don’t need. I have two sets: the original Rory’s Story… Read more

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