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  • a new adventure from the stacks

    Last night I finally finished House of Leaves. I liked Navidson’s story, and I wish it had just been that narrative; I didn’t mind Zampano so much, but Johnny Truant’s interjections and long-winded stories about hookers and insanity just felt like academic masturbation in three-page footnotes. The only thing I liked about him were his mother’s letters.… Read more

  • grammarize me: “re-nigged” – are you serious.

    This isn’t from an email I got, but from a web post I saw while reading about why people quit their jobs at Google – just out of curiosity. This almost made me swallow my gum: “they re-nigged on an offer” If she thinks that means what I think she thinks it means….Shaking. My. Head.… Read more

  • new tag: grammarize me

    I work in an office setting, and with that comes a lot of email. I spend at least a few minutes every day thanking the powers that be that I was born a reader, and that I have a fierce grasp of my native language. I spend at least half an hour every day reading emails… Read more

  • love this man, love this project

    I have so much respect for Neil Gaiman. And this is advice I listen to every day, because when I get the shakes about “what right do I have to create anything, who do I think I am?!?!” – Neil’s got an answer I just can’t fight with.   Read more

  • le cirque des reves

    I wanted to finally get around to posting the pictures of the Christmas present I put together for my father this past holiday season. Earlier in 2012, I’d shared The Night Circus with him and he LOVED it. He especially loved  Frederick Thiessen and the reveurs, who go to the circus wearing black and white – to be more… Read more

  • house of annoying

    So, I’m up to chapter 10 in House of Leaves. GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHG. It’s a frustrating book. Now, I did a lot of research in school, and I’ve loved reading Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels for years, nigh on a decade, so footnotes don’t scare me. The problem I have is that whatever is causing the book to… Read more

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