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  • on the lamentable lack of writing groups in the farmington valley

    So, I belong to a wonderful poetry group called the Faxon Poets, based in Elmwood CT (a mini-town of West Hartford). The group is fantastic, the people are wonderful, and I love meeting with them monthly to laugh and read and share and critique. When I lived 10 minutes from there (and my boyfriend’s apartment,… Read more

  • best. error screen. EVER.

    I just tried to visit the bookriot website and got this error screen.  Squee! Read more

  • navigating the closet

    I’ve made a discovery. Background: I used to work out every day, sometimes more than once a day. I had a gym at work where I was allowed to take an hour for lunch (because I was a consistent top performer for years in a row) and go down to the gym for classes. The… Read more

  • Er mah gehrd

    Hwaet! I’m very excited about this: Old English is still my favorite dead language, even though I’m WAY out of practice in translating it, which in college I did for fun first and credit second. Oh how I fell in love with medieval language. So to see pages from Beowulf is a big deal.… Read more

  • snow days and movie adventures

    So here in Connecticut, we had quite the snowstorm Friday night. I’m lucky to live in a condo where I don’t have to do any shoveling, but it took the grounds guys all day to get everything plowed, shoveled and snowblowered (is that a word?) out.  In the meantime, Matthew and I made a couple… Read more

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