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  • Quarantine One-Shot #001 // The Storm that Shook the Moon

    Quarantine One-Shot #001 // The Storm that Shook the Moon

    The wolves knew before anyone else, because they are always watching. Read more

  • Quarantine One-Shots // Index

    Quarantine One-Shots // Index

    The Stories #001 // The Storm that Shook the Moon #002 // Wish on a Star #003 // Out of the Rain #004 // Home #005 // The Bridge #006 // Hearts Aflame #007 // Long Live the Queen #008 // The Key #009 // Yew and Bone to Call Him Home #010 // Revels… Read more

  • Coronavirus Anxiety: Traveling Through a Black Hole

    It turns out that even when you’re staying at home, you can explore space. Sort of. If you deal with depression and/or anxiety, you know that it’s kind of like a black hole. It has its own gravity. Sometimes you maintain a balance with it, circling without getting too close. And sometimes, its gravity pulls… Read more

  • Murdering Mary Sue

    Back in 2012, I wrote GATEKEEPER. I’d dreamed about the book in some shape for years before I wrote it, and it was the work of a little over a year to vomit out ~127,000 words. I was so proud—of the book, for existing, and of myself, for pushing past all my fear and actually… Read more

  • Thoughts on THE VVITCH

    Spoilers, obviously. I just watched THE VVITCH for the first time. I heard that a lot of people loved it. One of my friends called it the best horror movie ever. I have to disagree. THE VVITCH had a few good moments, but overall it was a let-down from the beginning. A big part of… Read more

  • My Favorite Pens…At the Moment

    I do most of my actual writing on my computer or tablet, but almost all of my brainstorming happens on paper, so pens are SUPER important. Want to get a look at my current favorites? Mosey on over to the YouTube video. 😉 Read more

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