Quarantine One-Shot #005 // The Bridge

The princess waited to hear her guard snoring before she lowered herself from the tower. Thank goodness they didn’t know anything about embroidery, she thought. They’d just brought her all the supplies they’d asked for. They assumed she’d chosen to make the best of her captivity. She’d chosen to make rope. It was slim, but... Continue Reading →

Quarantine One-Shot #004 // Home

He came with chrysanthemums and tart-sweet apples red as sunsets. He checked the spell one last time, and laid out his offering while he said the words. Then he waited. At the round edge of evening, she stepped out from behind a tree. The setting sun kissed the wild tumble of her hair, all red... Continue Reading →

Quarantine One-Shot #003 // Out of the Rain

Callie woke from the same dream again---something huge, unknown and dark following her, getting ever closer. In the dream, she ran and ran, until she came to a door where a little cat sat with a golden key in its mouth. "Help," Callie said. "When you're ready," the cat replied. Callie shook off the dream... Continue Reading →

Quarantine One-Shot #002 // Wish on a Star

He was sick of being scolded for not wanting to work. He breathed the warm night air outside his family cottage, thinking of all the lazy summer afternoons he'd already lost laboring on his parents' farm. I wish I never had to work on this farm again, he thought. Above him, a star flashed and... Continue Reading →

Quarantine One-Shot #001 // The Storm that Shook the Moon

The wolves knew before anyone else, because they are always watching. A storm is coming, they sang. A storm that will shake the moon. The moon heard them, but did not listen. No storm could reach all the way to the moon. And she turned away to count her children. One was missing. She looked... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Anxiety: Traveling Through a Black Hole

It turns out that even when you’re staying at home, you can explore space. Sort of. If you deal with depression and/or anxiety, you know that it’s kind of like a black hole. It has its own gravity. Sometimes you maintain a balance with it, circling without getting too close. And sometimes, its gravity pulls... Continue Reading →

Murdering Mary Sue

Back in 2012, I wrote GATEKEEPER. I’d dreamed about the book in some shape for years before I wrote it, and it was the work of a little over a year to vomit out ~127,000 words. I was so proud—of the book, for existing, and of myself, for pushing past all my fear and actually... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on THE VVITCH

Spoilers, obviously. I just watched THE VVITCH for the first time. I heard that a lot of people loved it. One of my friends called it the best horror movie ever. I have to disagree. THE VVITCH had a few good moments, but overall it was a let-down from the beginning. A big part of... Continue Reading →

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