All I Want For Christmas Is a Better Goodreads

If I could get a present from the internet this year, I would want a Goodreads that allows for more finely-tuned tracking of the books I've read. Options like "I read this book more than once this year" would be a great start. A separate track for tracking audiobooks that puts them in the aggregate... Continue Reading →

combating the digital addiction*

How do you know it's time to take a break from your relationship...with your phone? Picture this. You see your phone there on the table right next to you (because where else would it be, ever). It hasn't buzzed or dinged or blinked with a notification, but when you look at it you still get... Continue Reading →

There’s a mouse in my house

Actually, based on the scritching noises we’ve been hearing at night, probably a colony. Or several. But this is the story of how I went head-to-heater with one little rodent – and won. And also kind of lost, because I had to deal with the remains. A little background on our heating system, because this... Continue Reading →

On healing, hiding, helping, and the natural habitat of one INFP

Introversion. I’ve been reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, and have confirmed and learned some things about myself. More specifically, I’ve confirmed my behaviors as introverted ones and learned the names for them. I’m an introvert of the high-sensitive, high-self-monitoring variety, which means I’m easily moved by sensory... Continue Reading →

the big breakup – my misadventures with smartphone slavery

Recently, I've felt really run down, disengaged, burnt out. I misdiagnosed it a couple of times before realizing what was the biggest cause of my issues. First, I thought it was the weather. I always take winter pretty hard, and it's not generally until mid-April (right around now) that I start to feel like a... Continue Reading →

(no longer) on vacation: some musings on rest and work

Last week, I was on vacation. I did a whole lot of nothing, and it was glorious. Matt and I took a day trip down to the Mitsuwa Japanese marketplace in Edgewater NJ, where we got ramen and kitsune soba, passion fruit kit kats, bubble tea, black sesame ice cream (pictured above), sweet ume wine,... Continue Reading →

what’s you’re problem? your doing it wrong.

Got this in an email at work today: "I think you're approach is sound." The your/you're thing bugs me - not only because it looks stupid when it's wrong, but because when you see you're when it's supposed to be your, the errorist did extra work to fuck up. You almost want to feel bad for them.... Continue Reading →

your present perfect is not perfect

Just saw this in an official communication. "We wanted to take this opportunity to make you aware of a new [m]odule that has just became available." Note to those who don't know: "have became" is an offense punishable by fire. I have become annoyed. I became annoyed when I read a horrendous misuse of tense.... Continue Reading →

on the grievous overuse of the question mark

I'm sorry, I don't normally do midday rants, but I'm working from home alone and I have to tell this to someone other than the dog. I really, really hate it when people end sentences with a question mark. I just received an email saying: This PDF didn't upload properly? And I'm like - are you... Continue Reading →

on the effects of continuous rain

I’ve got to be honest; I’m not really sure what to do with the heat and sunshine today. I’m not sure what to do about the fact that I can sit in my backyard and NOT get mobbed by mosquitoes. Or that I’ve once again gravitated toward cold beverages. Or that it’s ok for me... Continue Reading →

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