Writing Dice: Leila Edition

The writing dice on the market just aren't good enough. I don't mean that disparagingly. They're a great starting-off point if you're looking to play a storytelling game or you're using them as prompts to start a writing exercise, but they're jam-packed with things I don't need. I have two sets: the original Rory's Story... Continue Reading →

2017: the year of shopping the stash

2017 is around the corner, and I've decided on my new year's resolution. This year, I'm going to shop my stash. This morning I put my "Fly to the World from JAPAN // TRAVELER'S FACTORY" medallion on my Traveler's Notebook. But first I had to find it, which meant mounting a search since I'd forgotten where... Continue Reading →

letter to a Japanese man

Today is full of adventures! I finally got up the courage (maybe it was that Queen of Cups!) to sit down and write a letter I've been meaning to write for about a month, to the father of a friend of mine. My friend Akiko is from Japan originally, and her parents still live there.... Continue Reading →

le cirque des reves

I wanted to finally get around to posting the pictures of the Christmas present I put together for my father this past holiday season. Earlier in 2012, I'd shared The Night Circus with him and he LOVED it. He especially loved  Frederick Thiessen and the reveurs, who go to the circus wearing black and white - to be more... Continue Reading →

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