I'm going through a training module and so far I've found the following:- make less errors (should be fewer errors)- how fast or slow it takes (really?)- how much waste exists in the process that reduces the value we provide our customers (the sentence as written is about a process that reduces value, while I … Continue reading jackpot

what’s you’re problem? your doing it wrong.

Got this in an email at work today: "I think you're approach is sound." The your/you're thing bugs me - not only because it looks stupid when it's wrong, but because when you see you're when it's supposed to be your, the errorist did extra work to fuck up. You almost want to feel bad for them. … Continue reading what’s you’re problem? your doing it wrong.

your present perfect is not perfect

Just saw this in an official communication. "We wanted to take this opportunity to make you aware of a new [m]odule that has just became available." Note to those who don't know: "have became" is an offense punishable by fire. I have become annoyed. I became annoyed when I read a horrendous misuse of tense. … Continue reading your present perfect is not perfect

on the grievous overuse of the question mark

I'm sorry, I don't normally do midday rants, but I'm working from home alone and I have to tell this to someone other than the dog. I really, really hate it when people end sentences with a question mark. I just received an email saying: This PDF didn't upload properly? And I'm like - are you … Continue reading on the grievous overuse of the question mark

whatever happened to syntax?

Does this hurt your head as much as it hurts mine? [The organization conducting research] said that, as a plan’s total assets under management increase, the more likely the sponsor was to identify [removed to preserve anonymity] as elements of its investment program. What? As they INCREASE (present tense), the sponsor WAS (past tense)? AS they increase, the … Continue reading whatever happened to syntax?