I saw a post about “why do all INTJ superiority posts have all the same stuff in them”? And it got me thinking. I consistently test as an INTJ, both in terms of the simpler tests and after going in detail through the function stacks. So I wanted to share some things that are true about … Continue reading Is It INTJ?

Charles Ottavio Sasso // In Memoriam

When I was in high school, I had the world’s biggest crush on Chuck Sasso. I mean, really, who wouldn’t? That perfect hair, those gorgeous eyes, the adorably self-deprecating smile and a laugh like I’ve never heard before or since. Every time I saw him, the litany would start up in my head: notice me, … Continue reading Charles Ottavio Sasso // In Memoriam

There’s a mouse in my house

Actually, based on the scritching noises we’ve been hearing at night, probably a colony. Or several. But this is the story of how I went head-to-heater with one little rodent – and won. And also kind of lost, because I had to deal with the remains. A little background on our heating system, because this … Continue reading There’s a mouse in my house

Reflections on a Cover Shoot

Thursday was a good day for photography. The light was beautiful, and it was warm but not super hot out. My photographer friend Rebecca and I ventured to a nearby private boys’ school that’s set in a woodsy area, because the forest is a pivotal setting in the book I’m publishing, and we wanted to … Continue reading Reflections on a Cover Shoot

A subtle shift in perception

Driving to work this morning was an odd experience. For the first 1/3 or so of the drive, there were way fewer cars on the road than normal, even for 6:00 in the morning. Driving through the dark, seeing no more than the occasional headlights, I wondered if something had happened, if there had been … Continue reading A subtle shift in perception


The turning point of the year has come and gone. Just a few days into 2015, we’re starting to get the winter weather that’s been held off by the strangely extended autumn – not that I’m complaining, since as a passionate hater of snow and cold, having it be warm (or warm-ish) until Christmas was … Continue reading BACK TO REALITY