Starting to bubble on my next book, involving gamers, VR, and the lines between fiction and reality, and realized I need to create an in-book MMORPG for my protag to play and react to. Don't want to get into too many details, as things are still formulating, but I've decided to call it WarFaer. The … Continue reading WARFAER

Bargaining tips: faerie edition 

​This week, I started watching the BBC miniseries adaptation of Susannah Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. I started the book shortly after it came out but never finished it – it was a little too historical and Jane Austen-y for my taste. Which is to say: I love movies based on Austen’s books, but never much … Continue reading Bargaining tips: faerie edition 

Lifelag: jetlag without the jet 

Anyone who's traveled east on a plane knows about jetlag. But did you ever feel the effects of jetlag in everyday life? Tired, sluggish, feeling like the world around you is going too fast? I'm calling it lifelag.  I'm finding myself almost constantly in that mental state these days, thanks mostly to all the job changes I've … Continue reading Lifelag: jetlag without the jet 

A traitor to my people? My trip to the Traveler’s Factory Store

Today I set off on my own to find the magical and elusive Traveler's Factory in Kami-meguro, Tokyo. It involved boarding a train line I'd never taken before, and true to form I did get a little turned around. I found the place eventually, though, and feasted my eyes in real life on what I'd … Continue reading A traitor to my people? My trip to the Traveler’s Factory Store

greetings from japan!

Phew! We've only been here a few days, but we've been jam-packing them with adventures! Follow along for a so-far recap. DAYS 1-2 (FRIDAY/SATURDAY): TRAVEL We left home around 03:30 on Friday 5/27 to get to the airport for 04:00, hoping to beat the TSA lines we've all been hearing about. While bringing a suitcase … Continue reading greetings from japan!

going postal

Today I had to go to the post office to mail something, and while I was there I asked for a sheet of one dollar stamps. The woman asked why I needed dollar stamps; I told her that I have a lot of international pen pals. She was SO CONFUSED as to why I didn't … Continue reading going postal

one last book for 2015?

I'll admit it - I'm struggling to get through MOONWISE before 2015 ends, because it's not the kind of book I can read with distractions around. Anywhere. Which makes it difficult at this time of year. But I'm determined to finish it, because 50 books in 2015 just sounds so awesome. If you're in need … Continue reading one last book for 2015?