on two different kinds of fog, and the terror of commuting in one of them

Sometimes, a little fog in the morning can be a magical thing: the sun is just beginning to rise, everything is kissed with pinks and golds and it seems that any minute you might pass through the mists and into another world woven entirely of light. Other times, it’s raining. And cold. There’s icy slush... Continue Reading →

odd morning

I had a dream that the government wanted to ban the use of the word "playground." The reason wasn't clear, but there was a lot of debate and uproar over it. Eventually, they decided to try to ban playgrounds altogether because they (a) carry too much chance of kids getting hurt and (b) encourage freedom and... Continue Reading →

that breaky-uppy feeling: on the loss of a car I loved

Recently, my office location changed, and my commute went from twelve minutes to just shy of an hour, one way. This would be annoying for anyone who was used to having work be right around the corner, but for me there was an extra concern. I drive a 1996 Honda Accord, which is a GREAT... Continue Reading →

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