recent dreams

I'd stopped remembering my dreams for a while, but for some reason, they're back where I can see them after I wake up. On Saturday night I dreamed I was running from a giant. I thought I'd gotten away when I found out I could fly, which was a big deal because growing up I never... Continue Reading →

odd morning

I had a dream that the government wanted to ban the use of the word "playground." The reason wasn't clear, but there was a lot of debate and uproar over it. Eventually, they decided to try to ban playgrounds altogether because they (a) carry too much chance of kids getting hurt and (b) encourage freedom and... Continue Reading →


I'm on vacation this week which, among all the other great things about vacation, means waking up naturally, which always means a better recollection of dreams. Here's what I remembered when I woke. I dreamed I was on an island and saw a pod of leaping dolphins. The sky was all pinks and purples and... Continue Reading →

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