I feel like sharing this poem today.   Pearl Steel crane necks poke above the grass, a congress of mechanical apatosaurs holding vigil against the gray October sky. You followed truth and rumor here to where the rusting bridge awaits those desperate people, driven by desire born not of lust but of despair, and so... Continue Reading →


This is the last poem I wrote before I switched all my focus over to writing longer stuff, and although we're a little past midwinter, it seems appropriate now that the snow is showing itself.   In the kitchen we peel oranges, grapefruits: globes like handheld suns, hurling defiant brightness against midwinter, sharp tang of... Continue Reading →

two poems

So I write a lot of poetry but never post it. Figured I'd share some.   One, the kind of stuff I normally write: Arson It’s because of fire that I loved you: because of the heat, the brightness and the shadows you cast in me; because we could destroy everything in the path of... Continue Reading →

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