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  • Book Review | Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Novelization

    Book Review | Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Novelization

    Trigger warnings: domestic/child abuse, sexual assault/harassment Full disclosure: I loved Labyrinth growing up. I went to see it again in the theater for its 30th anniversary, and found myself singing and saying every line quietly along with at least half the other audience members. It’s still one of my favorite films to this day. And… Read more

  • Welcome to the new website!

    Welcome to the new website!

    Come on in! Have a seat. It’s great to have you here. I tell you what. It’s been a while since I’ve updated the website. But it was time: a new look for a new era. And I am in a new era of writing–one where I’m actually working toward publication, instead of just dreaming… Read more

  • 2022 Book Report

    2022 Book Report

    Here’s what I read (📖) and listened to (🎧) in 2022! I’ve listed the finished books by month, and there’s a list of books I didn’t finish at the end. January 📖 Rivers of London, Ben Aaronovitch 📖 Moon Over Soho, Ben Aaronovitch 📖 The Cruel Prince, Holly Black 📖 Whispers Underground, Ben Aaronovitch 🎧… Read more

  • Quarantine One-Shot #013 // Treasure

    Quarantine One-Shot #013 // Treasure

    The storm took them by surprise. It beat their ship for three days and three nights, throwing them off course and hurling them, finally, onto a shore they didn’t know. The beach was rocky, the bare roots of the mountain that towered above. In the moonlight, they could just see the outline of a great… Read more

  • Quarantine One-Shot #012 // A Princess’s Duty

    Quarantine One-Shot #012 // A Princess’s Duty

    Princess Jessalyn was running out of time. If she heard one more person ask her about the future, she thought she might burn this whole place to the ground. They all wanted the same things for her: marriage. Babies. And for her to eventually become queen. Jessalyn didn’t want any of that. Her parents wouldn’t… Read more

  • Quarantine One-Shot #011 // Journey

    Quarantine One-Shot #011 // Journey

    “You will go on a journey,” the fortune-teller said. She turned over another card. “Two.” Hoo, echoed the owl on her shoulder. “Find a ship,” the woman said. “That will start your first journey.” “And the second?” the girl asked. “The second you’ll find in the eye of the storm.” The girl looked down at… Read more

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