Five OCs from Gatekeeper.
art by @fricaterpillar

The Gatekeepers have been dead for two hundred years.

Originally founded by religious refugees, the island nation of Ilari holds dreams as sacred messages from their god, The Dreamer. His elite priests, called Gatekeepers, could not only interpret dreams for the faithful, but walk in them as well. They served Ilari well, until all seven were murdered in their beds.

When a new Gatekeeper is chosen, some of Ilari rejoices. Others can’t believe that among all those still faithful to the old religion, it’s thoughtless, reckless Aislinn who hears the Call.

Across the water, the king senses Aislinn’s awakening–and sends an assassin. The Gatekeepers nearly destroyed Arn once. He won’t let it happen again.

Can Aislinn survive long enough to confront the ghosts of the past, find out what really happened, and save Ilari from the terrible darkness lurking in the king’s deepest core?

This title is not yet available for purchase.



Three characters from the WARFAER trilogy.
art by @ponteadraws

Rowen was born without the ability to speak. But that doesn’t stop her from doing a spell that opens a door into Faerie. When Rowen is taken as a pet for the Faerie Queen, it’s up to her brother Blake and the exiled Faerie prince Aiden to bring her back and help her find her voice–and that’s just the start of the adventure.

Between faerie prisons, high school drama, secret identities, invading faerie hordes and a video game with some unexpectedly familiar characters, Rowen and her friends are in for one hell of a multi-year campaign.

This title is not yet available for purchase.



When baby Kumiko was dying, her father begged the spirits in the forest to save her life. But years later, when a festival comes to the palace, the teenage princess escapes the confines of her room to see the sights. She meets Ayumu, a paper folder who’s captivated by her odd coloring and quick hands. She’s just as spellbound, but it turns out Ayumu isn’t the only one with a claim on her heart.

As her body starts undergoing strange changes, Kumiko will meet a creature she thought was only a story, and learn the true price of her father’s desperate act of love.

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Kumiko has learned the cost of her father’s desperate, life-saving plea to the kitsune, but the mystery has only begun to unravel.

Why did the kitsune queen agree to save Kumiko’s life in the first place? What’s her plan now that the princess is among her people? How can Kumiko evade her new “family” long enough to start regaining Ayumu’s trust?

And once she understands the full measure of the kitsune queen’s motives, will she be able to reclaim her life – and her soul?

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Kumiko’s story comes together in this print omnibus edition of FOLD and UNFOLD.

If you prefer a real book over e-books, this one’s for you.

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The ring lets her spirit-walk, and talk to the dead. And as if that’s not weird enough, the cutest, most charming guy in class seems to only have eyes for her. But nothing is quite what it seems, and a dangerous shadow is just waiting for its moment to strike. When things start to fall apart and Emmeline learns what being a psychopomp really means, will she find the strength to face the truth, stand against hungry shadows, and fight for her freedom?

This title is not yet available for purchase.



Sea-dwelling siren Lyra just wants to create art, but a secret organization within her underwater kingdom has other plans for her powerful talent as a siren. When Lyra is accused of a crime against the crown, she’s forced to trade in her fins and find her legs – literally – in exile among humans on land.

The last thing she expected was to find a job, a home, and a place to belong. But what will she choose when faced with the opportunity to solve the mystery of her accusation and find her way back home?

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Powerful siren Lyra has found a way to get home after months in exile on land. But she leaves behind more on Adrian Island than she ever thought she’d find there, and returns to a kingdom in turmoil.

Lyra will have to return to the island to find the one thing that might save the kingdom from passing into the hands of a madman. When she finds what she’s looking for, she’ll learn that the end of her quest is only the beginning – and that the shadowy organization she once served is just one of the royal family’s little secrets.


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